Monday, August 22, 2011


The devotees to the sacred image of the virgin Mother of Penafrancia in the Bicol Region, rushed, pushed, pinned each other as they process the icon image of Mother Mary in her special title, Virgen de la pena de Francia.

The feast of  the Lady of Penafrancia in Naga city would start in a traslacion in a September 8th and then a daily liturgy and novena prayers are being held each day at Her Shrine in Penafrancia Avenue.

The culminating fluvial procession is done at the second  week of the month of September which usually falls on a Saturday.

 The main day of the feast is on the next day after the fluvial procession when the image and icon of the virgin Mother of Penafrancia is brought to the Basilica nearby Her Shrine.

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